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Citizens Union Analysis Shows Positive Impact of Ranked Choice Voting in June Election

July 19, 2021 - Citizens Union released a detailed analysis of the June primary elections in New York City, examining the impact of Ranked Choice Voting. The analysis found that Ranked Choice Voting gave more voters a say in elections, with fewer votes “wasted” on candidates who fell well short of winning their races. The analysis also found that voter turnout increased; voters embraced Ranked Choice Voting and navigated the system well; and the number of women running, and the number of women and people of color winning increased. These benefits were seen throughout the city.

Citizens Union Announces Historic Endorsement of Joe Biden for President

October 22, 2020 - For the First Time in the Organizations 120 Year History, Citizens Union Issues Preference in Race for President. Good Government Group Also Issues Preferences for Senator Andrew Gounardes, Assembly Members Mathylde Frontus and Rebecca Seawright, and Brandon Patterson for an Open Assembly Seat in Staten Island and Brooklyn

The Reformer: July/August 2020

August/July, 2020 - We’ve also been in touch with the Board of Elections to ensure they are able to properly administer this fall’s elections and will be assisting them in the recruitment of poll workers from local colleges and universities. We’ll also be encouraging voters to request their absentee ballot as early as possible at, and take advantage of early voting when poll sites are less busy. 


Want to vote in the 2020 presidential primary in New York? You must be a registered voter in the party…

Voter’s Directories Archive

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2018 General Election Voters Directory Press Release

October 19, 2018 - After undertaking a rigorous evaluation of 17 candidates for state office, the good government group endorsed Andrew Cuomo for Governor, Letitia James for Attorney General, Thomas DiNapoli for Comptroller, and Liz Krueger, Zellnor Myrie and Andrew Gounardes for state Senate.
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