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Citizens Union and Citizens Union Foundation are committed to reforming New York City and State government by fostering accountability, accessibility, transparency, honesty and the highest ethical standards. Always nonpartisan, since 1897, we have devoted ourselves to holding our government accountable and the enfranchisement of all New Yorkers.

Our Most Recent Press Releases

Citizens Union Analysis Shows Positive Impact of Ranked Choice Voting in June Election


Citizens Union released a detailed analysis of the June primary elections in New York City, examining the impact of Ranked Choice Voting. The analysis found that Ranked Choice Voting gave more voters a say in elections, with fewer votes “wasted” on candidates who fell well short of winning their races. The analysis also found that voter turnout increased; voters embraced Ranked Choice Voting and navigated the system well; and the number of women running, and the number of women and people of color winning increased. These benefits were seen throughout the city.

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Citizens Union Outlines Steps the Board of Elections Must Take to Regain the Trust of Voters After Latest Blunder


After a counting error from the New York City Board of Elections (BOE) threw New York City’s June primary into chaos, Citizens Union has issued a series of recommendations aimed at restoring the faith voters have in the BOE. The recommendations call on the BOE to be fully transparent as votes are counted, accelerate the release of raw vote count data and agree to an independent inquiry. Citizens Union also renewed their call to make the BOE independent of party leaders, and called on the state legislature to take steps to create a more effective, independent agency.

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Citizens Union Announces Preferences of Kathryn Garcia, Eric Adams for Mayor, and Brian Benjamin, Corey Johnson for Comptroller, in Ranked Choice Voting


Today, Citizens Union announced its candidate preferences in the races for Mayor and Comptroller under New York City’s new ranked choice voting system.  After rigorously evaluating 7 candidates for Mayor and 9 candidates for Comptroller, Citizens Union prefers Kathryn Garcia and Eric Adams for Mayor and Brian Benjamin and Corey Johnson for Comptroller.

Read the full statement here



Citizens Union Announces Preferences of Jo Anne Simon for Brooklyn Borough President; Brad Hoylman for Manhattan Borough President; Dual- Preference of Alvin Bragg and Tali Farhadian Weinstein for Manhattan DA; and 8 Candidates for City Council


Citizens Union announced its preferences in 11 contested primary elections, including the races for Manhattan Borough President, Brooklyn Borough President, Manhattan District Attorney, and eight City Council seats.

Read the full statement here Launches, Giving NYC Voters Access to In-Depth, Nonpartisan Information About Candidates Ahead of June Primary


 Citizens Union Foundation (CUF) has announced that the website, the organization’s nonpartisan voter education effort for the 2021 New York City elections, is now live. provides non-partisan and unbiased write-ups on the candidates running in the NYC primary and is the most comprehensive voter resource currently available.

Read the full statement here



Citizens Union Issues Report Outlining Agenda for Police Reform


Citizens Union, New York’s preeminent good government group, today issued a report outlining a comprehensive agenda for reform to make the New York City Police Department more transparent and accountable.

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Citizens Union Applauds Governor Cuomo for Announcing He Will Sign Automatic Voter Registration Into Law


Citizens Union, New York’s preeminent good government group, has issued the following statement applauding Governor Andrew Cuomo for announcing he will sign legislation bringing Automatic Voter Registration to New York State

Read the full statement here



Citizens Union Calls for Ranked Choice Voting To Go Ahead as Planned in 2021 Elections


Citizens Union, issues the following statement from Executive Director Betsy Gotbaum in response to calls to suspend the implementation of Ranked Choice Voting: “Last fall, over 73 percent of New York City voters voted to approve Ranked Choice Voting. This reform will foster more positive, issue-focused campaigns, give voters more choice, ensure that elected officials are accountable to a broader spectrum of their constituents and avoid costly, time consuming and unnecessary runoff elections.”

Read the full statement here



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