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Want to vote in the 2020 presidential primary in New York? You must be a registered voter in the party you want to vote in the primary of. You have until this Friday, February 14th to update your party registration!

What does this all mean?  

You can only vote in the Presidential Primary if you are a registered member of that party. You have up until Friday, February 14th to check and update your party registration and declare your #Love2Vote.

Not sure what political party you are a registered with? Check your registration here.

If you’re not registered with the party you want to vote in the primary of or if your status is listed as inactive, you must update your registration. You have until February 13th to change it online and until February 14th to do it via mail or in-person.  

If you have a NYS photo id you can register or update your registration online here by February 13th.

You can also print and mail-in your application here and have until February 14th to do so.

Pledge your #Love2Vote this Valentine’s Day.

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