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Want to vote in the 2020 presidential primary in New York? You must be a registered voter in the party…

2018 General Election Voters Directory Press Release

October 19, 2018 - After undertaking a rigorous evaluation of 17 candidates for state office, the good government group endorsed Andrew Cuomo for Governor, Letitia James for Attorney General, Thomas DiNapoli for Comptroller, and Liz Krueger, Zellnor Myrie and Andrew Gounardes for state Senate.

Candidate Preferences in September 2018 Primary Elections

August 30, 2018 - After undertaking a rigorous evaluation of 35 candidates for state office, the good government group “preferred” Andrew Cuomo for Governor, Zephyr Teachout for Attorney General, and challengers in all but two legislative races with an incumbent running.

Fund Early Voting

June 11, 2018 - One day after being appointed Ranking Democratic Member of the New York State Senate Elections Committee, Senator Brian Kavanagh today joined with fellow legislators and advocates to urge Governor Andrew Cuomo to fully fund early voting in the Fiscal 2018-2019 Executive Budget.

The Cost of Progress for New York Voters

May 1, 2018 - In 2018, Citizens Union commissioned a Policy Capstone Project from a team of graduate students at New York University’s Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service. The team looked at the cost of implementing early voting and electronic pollbooks and how much the state would save by consolidating the primary elections for federal and state offices.

Citizens Union Calls for Special Election Reform

January 5, 2018 - Citizens Union is pleased the needed special election to fill 11 seats in the State Legislature has been scheduled by Governor Cuomo.  We maintain that critical reforms need to be put into place, especially since special elections have the lowest voter turnout rates of any elections in New York. New Yorkers are both unable to participate in the process of nominating special election candidates and are not turning out to essentially ratify the choices of party leaders.
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