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November 7, 2018

Betsy Gotbaum, Executive Director of Citizens Union, a leading good government group committed to reforming New York City and State governments to foster accountability, accessibility, and transparency, issued the following statement in reaction to tonight’s election results:

Last night, New Yorkers sent a loud and clear message to Albany: it’s time for change.

By voting in candidates with progressive platforms, voters are signaling they want real reform in New York.

We know that New York needs voting reform, ethics reform, and campaign finance reform.

We need to better protect and expand New Yorkers’ right to vote, restore their faith in  government institutions, and curb special interest influence on our elections.

Citizens Union congratulates all of the candidates who have earned the privilege to represent their communities.

When the legislative session begins next year, we call on Governor Cuomo and the newly-constituted state legislature to move swiftly to pass a number of reforms that will make state government more accountable, accessible, and transparent, and make voting easier and elections fairer.

We look forward to working with Governor Cuomo and the leadership of both the Senate and Assembly to make the reforms a reality.

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