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Citizens Union Outlines Steps the Board of Elections Must Take to Regain the Trust of Voters After Latest Blunder

July 2, 2021 - After a counting error from the New York City Board of Elections (BOE) threw New York City’s June primary into chaos, Citizens Union has issued a series of recommendations aimed at restoring the faith voters have in the BOE. The recommendations call on the BOE to be fully transparent as votes are counted, accelerate the release of raw vote count data and agree to an independent inquiry. Citizens Union also renewed their call to make the BOE independent of party leaders, and called on the state legislature to take steps to create a more effective, independent agency. 

Citizens Union Announces Preferences of Kathryn Garcia, Eric Adams for Mayor, and Brian Benjamin, Corey Johnson for Comptroller, in Ranked Choice Voting

June 11, 2021 - Today, Citizens Union announced its candidate preferences in the races for Mayor and Comptroller under New York City's new ranked choice voting system. After rigorously evaluating 7 candidates for Mayor and 9 candidates for Comptroller, Citizens Union prefers Kathryn Garcia and Eric Adams for Mayor and Brian Benjamin and Corey Johnson for Comptroller.

Statement from Former NYC Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum on the Passing of Mayor David Dinkins

November 24, 2020 -  Betsy Gotbaum, Former NYC Public Advocate and current Executive Director of Citizens Union issues the following statement on the passing of Mayor David Dinkins: “With the passing of David Dinkins, we have lost an iconic New Yorker and a giant of our city’s public life. Mayor Dinkins was elected as New York’s first Black Mayor at a difficult time, and his administration set our city on the path to an era of prosperity and growth." 

Citizens Union Announces Historic Endorsement of Joe Biden for President

October 22, 2020 - For the First Time in the Organizations 120 Year History, Citizens Union Issues Preference in Race for President. Good Government Group Also Issues Preferences for Senator Andrew Gounardes, Assembly Members Mathylde Frontus and Rebecca Seawright, and Brandon Patterson for an Open Assembly Seat in Staten Island and Brooklyn

Statement from Betsy Gotbaum of Citizens Union on Reports of New Yorkers being sent incorrect absentee ballots

September 29, 2020 -  Citizens Union has issued the following statement from Executive Director Betsy Gotbaum in response to the reports of voters in New York City being sent incorrect absentee ballots: “The recently reported absentee ballot mishaps in Brooklyn and Queens have only exacerbated what was already poised to be a difficult and confusing election for voters. New York has to get this right. We know that President Trump will seize on anything he can to attempt to undermine the legitimacy of mail in ballots in New York City.” 
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