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Assure Independence

February 21, 2018 - Citizens Union believes pressure from the Mayor’s office for the Commission to pursue specific reforms on the New York City Charter, directly conflicts with the responsibilities of a Charter Revision Commission.

Citizens Union Welcomes New Executive Director

February 1, 2018 - Citizens Union is pleased to announce the arrival of its new Executive Director, Betsy Gotbaum, former New York City Public Advocate and longtime ally of good government.

Citizens Union Calls for Special Election Reform

January 5, 2018 - Citizens Union is pleased the needed special election to fill 11 seats in the State Legislature has been scheduled by Governor Cuomo.  We maintain that critical reforms need to be put into place, especially since special elections have the lowest voter turnout rates of any elections in New York. New Yorkers are both unable to participate in the process of nominating special election candidates and are not turning out to essentially ratify the choices of party leaders.

Spending in the Shadows Media Advisory

May 25th, 2017 - Citizens Union will announce the latest findings of the annual Spending in the Shadows report. This report illuminates $13 billion in nonspecific lump sum funding “pots” found in the New York FY 2018 Enacted Budget.

2016 Press Releases

Citizens Union Files Historic Federal Lawsuit Against State of New York and Governor, December 13, 2016 Citizens Union Calls on…

Citizens Union Proposes City Law To Regulate New Breed Of Elected Official Formed And Affiliated Nonprofit Organizations

July 6, 2016 - Good government organization calls upon mayor de blasio and council speaker mark-viverito to enact legislation requiring such nonprofits be subject to the jurisdiction of the city’s campaign finance board. Law would require groups to register, disclose activity, limit contribution size from those with business before the city, and forbid fundraising by elected official. Law needed to curb return of “pay-to-play” culture of corruption at city hall where big money poses threat to honest government decision-making. Good government group also releases letter sent to conflicts of interest board asking if recent declaration that certain specific mayoral consultants are “agents of the city” should they be required to file financial disclosure statements.

Transparency Failure

City Clerk's office fails to create lobbying transparency database required by 2013 law. Clerk misses December 17, 2015, deadline by 1…

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