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Leading good government group also issues endorsements for Tony Avella (District 19) and Sal Albanese (District 50) for City Council in Queens and Staten Island

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New York, N.Y. (October 15, 2021) — Citizens Union, New York’s pre-eminent, non-partisan good government group, today announced its endorsement of Eric Adams for Mayor in the 2021 general election in New York City. Citizens Union also today announced its endorsements of Tony Avella (City Council District 19, Northeast Queens) and Sal Albanese (City Council District 50, Mid-Island Staten Island) in contested City Council races in the 2021 general election.

“Eric Adams is the right person at the right time to lead New York City at this critical juncture when we need transformative leadership to turn our City around,” said Randy Mastro, Citizens Union’s Board Chair. “Eric Adams is an inspiring leader whose progressive agenda, emphasizing public safety and economic recovery, is what we need right now in New York City.” Mastro added. “The Republican candidate, Curtis Sliwa, while a charismatic media personality, can’t compare to Eric Adams in terms of qualifications, experience and good judgment. As we emerge from the pandemic, New York City needs an experienced and empathetic hand on the wheel, and that person is Eric Adams, whom we enthusiastically encourage voters to support for Mayor.”

Citizens Union also issued endorsements in two competitive races for City Council. In District 19 (Northeastern Queens), Citizens Union prefers Tony Avella, the Democratic candidate who is a former member of the State Senate and City Council. In District 50 (Mid-Island Staten Island), Citizens Union prefers Sal Albanese, the Democratic candidate who is also a former City Council member.


Candidates were evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • alignment with Citizens Union’s reform agenda, specifically views on ethics, election reform and police accountability;
  • ability to advance their agenda once in office;
  • knowledge of the needs of their constituents; and
  • ability to wage an effective and competitive campaign.


NYC Mayor
Eric Adams

NYC Council District 19 (Northeast Queens)
Tony Avella

NYC Council District 50 (Mid-Island Staten Island)
Sal Albanese


The following candidates were preferred by Citizens Union in the Primary and are on the ballot in the general election:

Comptroller                                           Brad Lander

Brooklyn Borough President            Antonio Reynoso

Manhattan Borough President        Mark Levine

Manhattan District Attorney           Alvin Bragg

City Council District 5                         Julie Menin

City Council District 6                        Gale Brewer

City Council District 7                        Shaun Abreu

City Council District 26                      Julie Won

City Council District 35                     Crystal Hudson

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