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We work to make sense of all the information—the issues as well as the positions and track records of the candidates—and lay it out as concisely as possible.
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Ensuring An Accurate 2020 Census Count
The 2020 census will determine—for the next 10 years—federal funding for such programs as food assistance to needy families, early childhood education for low-income children and maintenance for our bridges and roads, as well as the number of congressional seats the state has and how political districts are drawn. A low count in New York City and state could cost us one or two representatives in Congress and billions of dollars in federal aid. New York is filled with hard to count communities, including immigrants, non-English speaking New Yorkers and children.Additionally, federal funds have been eliminated for community-based outreach programs, which in the past have bolstered participation in the census. Citizens Union successfully advocated for the city and state to adequately fund census outreach and are working with elected officials and civic leaders to create a comprehensive outreach plan to ensure that we have an accurate census count in 2020 so that New York receives its fair share of federal resources.
Civic Education and Engagement Project
Citizens Union is dedicated to engaging New Yorkers to enact positive democratic change at the neighborhood, borough, city and state levels. We see sustained exposure to civic education and action-based models for youth engagement as essential elements in ensuring participation in government and civic life. Citizens Union is working to prepare the next generation of New Yorkers to understand how the levers of government work, develop the skills for democratic participation, and receive opportunities to engage in meaningful civic experiences. Together with partners in academia and civil society, we are examining the New York City youth civic engagement eco system - in and out of schools - to identify best practices and support collaboration.
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