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The Reformer: May 2023

the Reformer: May 2023 - It was wonderful to see so many of you at our recent Civic Conversation. I want to thank Bradley Tusk for joining us for a thought-provoking discourse about his working philosophy of politics, particularly as it relates to mobile voting. Thank you to our board member John Avlon for facilitating an informative and engaging discussion. Also, a special thank you to King & Spalding for hosting and sponsoring the event.

The Reformer: January 2023

As 2023 begins, we look to the year ahead and all the challenges and opportunities it presents for our city…

The Reformer: November 2022

The Reformer November 2022 - The 2022 midterm election season is officially behind us. Earlier this month, New Yorkers headed to the polls to vote for local, state, and federal races in the midterm elections.

The Reformer: July 2022

  I hope you are enjoying your summer. Like many of you, I paid close attention to June’s primary election…

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The Reformer: September 2021

    SEPTEMBER 2021   Dear Friend, As the dust settles after former Governor Cuomo’s resignation and we look to turn…

The Reformer: August 2021

August 25, 2021 - This has been a very sad month for good government in New York State. The independent investigation into now former Governor Cuomo’s conduct found that he sexually harassed current and former state employees in violation of both federal and state laws, and that he even retaliated against one of his accusers.

The Reformer: February 2021

February 2021 - February saw history made in New York City, as we had our first two elections using Ranked Choice Voting.

The Reformer: January 2021

January 29, 2021- This month, we saw the best and worst of our democracy. On January 6th, insurrectionists, encouraged by our former President, stormed the Capitol building in an effort to reverse the results of the Presidential election.

The Reformer: December 2020

December 29 - This has been a trying year for so many of us, but as we turn the page on 2020 I’d like to reflect on a few of Citizens Union’s accomplishments amidst these difficult circumstances.

The Reformer: November 2020

  NOVEMBER 2020   Despite the numerous challenges besieging voters this year—due to the pandemic and systemic voter suppression—this fall’s…

The Reformer: October 2020

October 2020 - We are now one month away from Election Day. This election season has been unlike anything I’ve experienced in my career working in government. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to everyone who has worked so hard under difficult circumstances to ensure that amid an unprecedented global pandemic, every New Yorker has the opportunity to safely cast a ballot.

The Reformer: July/August 2020

August/July, 2020 - We’ve also been in touch with the Board of Elections to ensure they are able to properly administer this fall’s elections and will be assisting them in the recruitment of poll workers from local colleges and universities. We’ll also be encouraging voters to request their absentee ballot as early as possible at, and take advantage of early voting when poll sites are less busy. 

The Reformer: June 2020

  Dear Friend, These last months, and specifically the past three weeks, are among the most challenging times that I…

The Reformer: April 2020

Dear Friend, The last few weeks have been incredibly difficult for everyone. The COVID-19 pandemic has already claimed the lives…

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