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★ Preferred Candidate ★

Alessandra Biaggi – Dem
Candidate has returned a questionnaire
Age: 32
Occupation: Attorney
Education: New York University, B.A.; Fordham Law School, J.D.

Alessandra Biaggi has worked as an attorney in the Cuomo administration in the Counsel’s Office and the Office of Storm Recovery, and was the Deputy National Operations Director for the 2016 Clinton Presidential campaign. Biaggi has also been involved in organizations such as the New Agenda Young Women’s Leadership Council and New Leaders Council, which advocate for women’s rights and urge diverse, young candidates to run for office. Biaggi’s top priorities include protecting women’s rights, providing adequate funding for public schools, securing more affordable housing, lowering healthcare costs for New Yorkers and passing legislation to increase voter turnout and transparency in campaign finance. Biaggi supports all of Citizens Union’s reform agenda. She is an especially strong supporter of the public financing of elections and has detailed how the current system makes it difficult for working class candidates to run a successful campaign. She has also emphasized her desire to increase voter turnout by supporting reforms such as early voting, no-excuse absentee voting, and election day and automatic voter registration. Citizens Union prefers Alessandra Biaggi in the upcoming primary because of her passionate support of Citizens Union issues, experience in Albany, and fresh perspective on a number of issues.


Jeffrey D. Klein – Dem
Candidate has returned a questionnaire
Age: 57
Occupation: New York State Senator
Education: Queens College, B.A.; Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs, M.P.A.; CUNY Law School, J.D.

Jeff Klein has been a state Senator for 14 years and is seeking re-election in District 34. If re-elected to a Democratic majority, Klein would serve as the Deputy Majority Leader and chair of the Senate Rules Committee. Klein’s re-election campaign centers on his legislative record, including his support for increasing the state minimum wage and paid family leave, and sponsoring the NY Safe Act, which strengthened gun control. Klein is a co-founder of the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) and held a leadership role during the group’s tenure. His top priorities for the next legislative session include election and voting reform, combating changes to the tax plan, expanding universal pre-K, passing the Comprehensive Contraceptive Care Act and ending cash bail. Klein supports almost all of Citizens Union’s reform agenda but has not taken a firm position on the repeal of state Civil Rights Law, Section 50-a, citing concerns about balancing officer accountability with personal privacy. While Citizens Union has preferred Senator Klein in the past and appreciates his support of 16 many reform issues, the organization does not prefer him in this race because of the lack of progress on these issues in the Senate under his leadership.

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