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Preferred Candidate ★ Emily Gallagher
Age: 40
Occupation: New York State Assembly Member, 50th District
Education: Ithaca College (B.A.); Baruch (M.P.A.)

To read this candidate’s responses to Citizen Union’s questionnaire, click here.

Emily Gallagher was elected to the Assembly in 2020, unseating a nearly 50-year incumbent, and now chairs the subcommittee on child product safety. She has been a strong supporter of the reform agenda before being elected to office and during her first two terms, and has backed CU-supported bills. Gallagher introduced and championed the LLC Transparency Act to increase transparency of ownerships of limited liability companies, which was signed by the Governor into law, albeit with some changes. She supported all policy questions in CU’s candidate questionnaire. CU has supported Gallagher in her first election, and appreciates how she has maintained the same positions. She was honest about the challenges of the legislative process and what it takes to navigate the Albany power structures. CU prefers Gallagher because of her commitment to reform issues, track record on the issue, and experience working with the community.


Anathea Simpkins
Age: 52
Occupation: Associate Vice President of the Say Something Anonymous Reporting System, Sandy Hook Promise
Education: Emerson College (B.F.A.) UMass Amherst (M.Ed.)

To read this candidate’s responses to Citizen Union’s questionnaire, click here.

Anathea Simpkins is a former public school teacher who became involved in gun violence prevention work, and now serves as vice president at Sandy Hook Promise. A dedicated activist who is particularly knowledgeable on education and youth mental health issues, Simpkins told CU she sees “conversation, collaboration, and compromise” as key tenets of her approach to politics and that she hoped to unify the district’s generations and political factions. She supported all CU’s policy questionnaire items, and expressed commitment to the reform agenda, with a particular interest in fair redistricting. CU values her dedication to her community and encourages her to stay civically involved.

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