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No Preference

Juan Ardila
Age: 30
Occupation: New York State Assembly Member; 37th District
Education: Fordham University (B.A); New York University (M.P.A.)

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Juan Ardila is the freshman incumbent in this seat, having won a competitive Democratic primary in 2022. He was a community organizer in Queens for much of his life, working for some time at the Legal Aid Society. During his first term, Ardila got three of his bills signed into law related to medical assistance, elderly care, and an emergency alert system. He supports all of CU’s reform agenda and has co-sponsored bills on BOE reform and voting. Much of his current focus is on constituent services. In his interview with CU, he spoke about his work assisting local businesses, organizing donations for new migrants, and supporting people displaced by fires in the district. At the beginning of his term, Ardila was accused of sexual assault at a college party a decade earlier. He denied the allegations and noted in his interview that no investigation ever materialized. They have spurred calls for his resignation from his former allies and state leaders. Citizens Union appreciates Ardila’s commitment to reform and his dedication for his community, but is concerned that the political ramifications of the accusations made against him impedes his effectiveness as a lawmaker. We issue a no preference in this race.


Claire Valdez
Age: 34
Occupation: Administrative Assistant, Visual Arts Program Columbia University; Unit Chair for Columbia University Support Staff, UAW Local 2110
Education: Bachelor’s Degree

To read this candidate’s responses to Citizen Union’s questionnaire, click here.

Claire Valdez moved to New York eight years ago to pursue a career in the art world. She began working in the visual arts program at Columbia University while also doing organizing work with the union that represents her, UAW Local 2110. She told CU that UAW has changed her life. In 2022, she was elected to head her unit, Columbia University Support Staff. She supports a reform agenda and agrees with all CU’s policy questionnaire items, except for taking veto power on legislative maps away from legislators. Her interview provided more context and details about her position on redistricting. Asked about her involvement with the Ridgewood community or the district, Valdez noted several issue-based and electoral campaigns she has been part of. Citizens Union appreciates her dedication to labor and political organizing, but believes her opponents present a more substantive background of community involvement in the area, necessary to represent constituents in Albany. We issue a no preference in this race.


Johanna Carmona

This candidate did not respond to Citizens Union’s questionnaire.

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