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Laurelton, Springfield Gardens, Brookville, Rosedale, Far Rockaway, Bayswater, Edgemere, Somerville, Arverne, Hammels

Khaleel Anderson ★ Preferred Candidate
Age: 23
Occupation: Non-Teaching Adjunct, CUNY
Education: Queens College, B.A. and M.A.
Candidate Website:

Khaleel Anderson has been a community organizer in the district since his teenage years focusing on issues of food insecurity and environmental justice. Anderson strongly aligns with Citizen Union’s reform agenda especially in regard to campaign and election finance laws. In an interview with Citizens Union, Anderson was very vocal about his qualms with JCOPE and the Board of Elections. He believes that the first step to deal with JCOPE is to make it an independent body and that the BOE has become a patronage mill and more measures need to be taken to ensure that the employees are qualified. Additionally, he called for a major reform of state campaign finance laws, describing them as, “the most archaic laws in this country.” Anderson pledges to address the transportation and unemployment problems in the district. A member of the Community Board 14, 101st Police Precinct Council, and Far Rockaway NAACP, he also co-chairs a Participatory Budgeting Project Youth Committee. Citizens Union was impressed by his deep understanding of reform policy, including election law and ethics, and by his long record of community activism. We believe he will be an excellent advocate for his community and prefer him in this race. 


Richard David
Age: 34
Occupation: District Leader
Education: Hunter College, B.A.; New York University, M.P.A.
Candidate Website:

Richard David is the District Leader of Assembly District 31, a position he was elected to last year, and an adjunct history professor at York College. He was previously the Executive Director of the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs, and has also worked in the City’s Administration for Children’s Services and at the New York City Economic Development Corporation. His campaign focuses on advocating for undocumented individuals and families, especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. David supports Citizen Union’s reform agenda, stressing the need for open primaries, lowering the voting age to 16, and increasing financial reporting for lobbyists. He promises to lead a clean, corruption-free term and push progressive legislation that prioritizes working-class families of color. He is currently a member of Queens Community Board 9 and the NAACP Jamaica Branch, and is the co-founder of the Indo-Caribbean Alliance. Citizens Union was impressed by David’s long history of local activism and the thought he has put into his policy positions, however we do not prefer him in this race.


Lisa George
Age: 52
Occupation: Office Manager, NY State Senator James Sanders Jr.
Education: Queens College
Candidate Website:

Lisa George has served as the Office Manager for NY State Senator James Sanders Jr. since 2013. In this role she has become a well-known presence amongst the community by addressing the needs of individual constituents seeking services from various government agencies. Her good government priorities include lower contribution limits for registered lobbyists and those who do business with the state. George supports a public bulletin (website) to detail each emergency action taken under the current crisis and the intended duration, and believes an ad hoc commission should be formed to address potential conflicts of interest and other ethical concerns. She is also a member of a few local associations, including the Far Rockaway NAACP and Arverne Visionary Lions Club. While Citizens Union was impressed by George’s long history of local activism and her deep knowledge and understanding of her community needs, we do not prefer her in this race.


Shea Uzoigwe
Age: 34
Occupation: Full-time Candidate
Education: Queensborough Community College, A.B.A.; Queens College, B.A.
Candidate Website:

Chiedu “Shea” Uzoigwe is a 34-year-old first-generation Nigerian-American from South East Queens. He most recently served as a Constituent Services Liaison for State Senator James Sanders, Jr. and worked on Melinda Katz’s recent bid for Queens District Attorney. He supports a Green New Deal in New York State and bringing sustainable careers through union jobs and apprenticeship trainings. Uzoigwe also prioritizes the district’s transportation issues and, if elected, hopes to sit on the transportation committee. Uzoigwe supports Citizens Union’s reform measures, in particular automatic voter registration and lowering the voting age to 17-years-old. He has pledged to reject contributions from corporations and lobbyists, and instead run a small donor campaign. An active member of the community, he is currently a member of NAACP Far Rockaway Chapter, Queens County Young Democrats, and New York Communities for Change. Citizens Union found Uzoigwe to be knowledgeable of the issues, with deep roots in the community, and was impressed with his understanding of the legislative system.


Derrick DeFlorimonte
The candidate could not be reached and did not answer Citizen Union’s questionnaire.


Tavia Blakley
The candidate could not be reached and did not answer Citizen Union’s  questionnaire.

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