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October 11, 2018

Contact: Jake Oliver, [email protected], (347) 361-9983

CU Reacts to Charges Brought Against AM Joseph Errigo 

Citizens Union, a leading good government group committed to reforming our New York City and State government to foster accountability, accessibility, and transparency, reacts to the charges against Assemblyman Joseph Errigo, who has been accused of taking a $10,500 bribe in exchange for introducing legislation:

“The charges brought yesterday against Assemblyman Joseph Errigo speak to a culture of corruption in Albany, where lobbyists and powerful interests can literally purchase lawmakers and legislation to suit their needs. This corruption is especially prevalent when it comes to decision making around economic development, and it should come as no surprise that nefarious interests looking to take advantage of the system are seeking to muddy the waters of oversight over huge sums of taxpayer dollars,” said Betsy Gotbaum, executive director of Citizens Union.

“We see far too many instances of lawmakers violating the public’s trust behind closed doors and abusing their power for personal gain. Assemblyman Errigo was gifted his spot on the ballot by party insiders. It’s no surprise that someone elected in large part due to a backroom deal would violate the public’s trust. It is time for Albany to get serious about ethics and election reforms that will ensure the people of New York State can trust that their state government is acting in their best interests, and not the interests of the wealthy and well connected,” Gotbaum added.

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