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Dick Dadey Introductions

Connor Introduction

Squadron Introduction

Connor on Reform Agenda

Squadron on 11 Point Reform Agenda

Squadron on Ballot Reform

Connor on Budget Reform Agenda

Connor v Squadron Debate – Commuter Tax

Connor v Squadron Debate – Brooklyn Bridge Park

Connor v Squadron Debate – Top Statewide Issues

Connor v Squadron Debate – Top Local Issues

Connor on Top Legislative Accomplishments and Squadron on Personal Leadership Experience

Connor on His Vote Against the Commuter Tax

Squadron on Knowledge of District

Connor on Losing Support in Albany

Squadron Asks Connor on Stance to Limit Corporate Contributions

Connor Asks Squadron About Refusal to Release Additional Tax Returns

Squadron Asks Connor Whether He Would Change Vote Against Commuter Tax Today

Connor Asks Squadron to Highlight Community Involvement

Squadron Asks Connor to Justify Vote Against the Smoking Ban

Audience Questions – Pay Raises for Legislators

Audience Questions – Term Limits for the Legislature

Audience Questions – Stance on Dock Street Middle School Proposal

Audience Questions – Stance on Use of Eminent Domain for Atlantic Yards Development

Audience Questions – Vision for Governor’s Island

Audience Questions – Connor on Vote in Favor of Vacancy Decontrol

Audience Questions – Congestion Pricing

Audience Questions – Connor Clarifies Position on Housing in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Audience Questions – Marriage Equality Bill

Squadron Closing Remarks

Connor Closing Remarks

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