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Craig Caruana (R, C)

Age: 30
Occupation: RYDAN Security 
Education: Catholic University of America (BA); Texas A&M University (MA)
Campaign Website
Craig Caruana is running to increase transparency in city government and because he believes the incumbent has failed to deliver for the community in getting its fair share of funding or in providing quality constituent services. He believes by acting collaboratively in the City Council, he can acquire more resources for the district. His other priorities include keeping the crime rate low, improving the responsiveness of the local police precinct, and working to stop the increase in the cost of living in the district through addressing property assessments that don’t reflect market value and removing certain regulations on small businesses. On reform issues, he supports participatory budgeting, putting councilmembers’ votes online, and making data accessible in open formats. He also supports nonpartisan elections and instant runoff voting. He is still developing his positions around Council reform. Caruana additionally believes the community board appointment process should be reformed and the offices of the borough president should be phased out. Citizens Union believes Caruana is a thoughtful candidate who brings a fresh perspective with innovative ideas, and would be an energetic voice for the district who would work actively on reform issues. Citizens Union was prepared to endorse publicly Caruana, but withdrew our endorsement upon learning about a divisive campaign flyer he mailed. We view the mailer as inappropriate fear mongering targeted at immigrants. Citizens Union therefore makes no endorsement in this race.
Elizabeth Crowley (D, WF)
Age: 35
Occupation: Member, NYC Council
Education: BA (name of degree-granting institution not provided); MA (name of degree-granting institution not provided)

Elizabeth Crowley is the incumbent Councilmember in District 30. She is running for re-election on her track record of supporting the opening of new schools to reduce overcrowding in the district and preserving fire houses while chair of the Fire and Criminal Justice Committee. Her priorities if re-elected are infusing education with technology, public safety and growing jobs through infrastructure projects. On reform issues, Crowley supports distributing discretionary funding equitably across all 51 Councilmembers and believes that majority support for bills ought to result in a hearing and, if support is sustained, a floor vote. She notes that she stood up to Speaker Quinn when it wasn’t convenient to do so and touts her independence. She supports instant runoff voting but opposes nonpartisan elections. Crowley has mixed views on our proposals to address police misconduct. She believes that stop, question and frisk should only be done consistent with the law, but supports the tactic. Crowley claims police officers had to fulfill quotas which drove overaggressive policing and that under a new administration, more police officers should be hired and de facto quotas removed. While Citizens Union believes Councilmember Crowley has been an independent voice in certain instances, we question her commitment to reform issues and ability to advance them.
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