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Originally Published: October 15, 2009

It counts twenty Council Members opposing unilateral council action

David Yassky is added to CU’s list of opponents

Citizens Union today launched its “Term Limits Action Center” which encourages New Yorkers to become informed about the issue of possible action by the City Council on term limits extension and make their opinions known to their elected officials.

In unveiling its information center, Citizens Union, unlike other news sources, is reporting that it counts twenty Council members who oppose legislation extending term limits, which is one more than other sources are reporting.

On CU’s list of those who oppose unilateral Council action is Brooklyn Council member David Yassky, who in the past ten days twice told Dick Dadey, CU’s executive director, that he did not support Council action extending term limits. Yassky though now appears to be open to changing his mind given that his name appears on lists of undecided Council members. CU has chosen to list him as an opponent of Council action because of his prior commitments to Dadey and the fact that he has not yet announced his final decision.

The Center provides the following information:

  1. A history of the term limits issue in New York.
  2. A list of options on how term limits can be changed.
  3. A tally of where each council member stands on the issue.
  4. How to contact the Mayor and Council members.
  5. Citizens Union’s position and statements on the term limits issue.
  6. Information on the Council’s two public hearings.
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