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December 31, 2011
Cuomo’s big year, The Journal News

December 28, 2011
Larry Seabrook will still have control over dispensing funds next year –, New York Post

December 23, 2011
NY1 Exclusive: Comptroller Liu’s 2009 Campaign Account Raises Legality Questions –, NY1

December 22, 2011
NCPR News – Redistricting the elephant in the room in Albany, North Country Public Radio

December 22, 2011
WNED: Redistricting Issue Haunts Albany Lawmakers, WNED

December 21, 2011
Party Bosses Will Pick Contenders for State Senator Carl Kruger’s Seat – WNYC, WNYC

December 19, 2011
NCPR News – Questions already coming up about new state ethics commission, North Country Public Radio

December 15, 2011
New ethics panel posts a tough sell for Cuomo – Times Union, Albany Times Union

December 14, 2011
Batra speaks, questions Ginsberg, Capitol Confidential

December 13, 2011
APNewsBreak: New York ethics commission already comes under scrutiny |, Syracuse Post-Standard

December 12, 2011
Cuomo, legislative leaders appoint members to new Joint Commission on Public Ethics, The Empire – WNYC

December 12, 2011
At Deadline, Ethics Unit Is in Limbo –, The Wall Street Journal

December 8, 2011
Redistricting: reform delayed is reform denied, Long Island Herald

December 7, 2011
Embattled Controller John Liu gives some staffers raises; watchdog groups cry foul, NY Daily News

November 30, 2011
Liu not alone in keeping campaign bundlers secret, Crain’s New York Business

November 30, 2011
Public Advocate Bill De Blasio opens up on election money, NY Daily News

November 29, 2011
Analysis: Cuomo Can Break Incumbents’ Albany Death Grip, NBC New York

November 29, 2011
Why is New York’s democracy broken? Because Albany politicians have rigged districts to serve their own ends, NY Daily News

November 28, 2011
Our view: Redistricting delay must not jeopardize 2012, The Observer-Dispatch, Utica, New York

November 25, 2011
Public, students show NY redistricting can be fair,

November 23, 2011
Quinn Neutral in Wage Battle, The Wall Street Journal

November 23, 2011
Good-government group issues report on legislative boundaries, Watertown Daily Times

November 22, 2011
Good-Government Groups Continue Push for Independent Redistricting in New York, WGRZ

November 21, 2011
Citizens Union: Reform redistricting in special session, Albany Times Union

November 21, 2011
First lawsuit filed over redistricting in New York, The Empire –

November 21, 2011
Report: NY redistricting ‘rigged,’ hurts democracy, The Wall Street Journal

November 21, 2011
Good-government group’s report rails against “decades of partisan gerrymandering”, Politics on the Hudson

November 21, 2011
Citizens Union: End LATFOR’s “Rigged Process“, Capital Tonight on YNN

November 21, 2011
Document Drop: Citizens Union On Redistricting, New York Daily News

November 21, 2011
Good-government groups continue to push for independent redistricting, Ithaca Journal

November 21, 2011
Silver suggests panel redraw district lines, Albany Times Union

November 16, 2011
New fundraising arrest raises more doubts about Liu’s future, The Empire, WNYC

November 16, 2011
Comptroller Liu’s campaign mixed up in alleged fundraising fraud – am New York, AM New York

November 10, 2011
Convicted ex-comptroller cleans up in prison, Queens Times Ledger

November 7, 2011
Analysis: Senator Parker, the Honest Fundraiser, NBC New York

November 7, 2011
State Sen. Kevin Parker panned after invite to benefit asks for “help”  – NY Daily News, New York Daily News

October 29, 2011
John Liu orders independent probe of campaign funds –, New York Post

October 28, 2011
The pension deal: What does John Liu walk away with? | The Empire,

October 28, 2011
How Much Disclosure Should New York State Require of Nonprofits in Political Campaigns?, The Nonprofit Quarterly

October 24, 2011
Unions, Nonprofits Team Up To Opposed Disclosure Of City Campaigns’ Independent Spending –, NY1

October 16, 2011
Brooklyn beep’s wife Jamie Markowitz takes behind the scenes role in directing hubby’s staffers, New York Daily News

October 6, 2011
Redistricting raises bias concerns – Times Union, Albany Times Union

September 28, 2011
City Council Grounds Effort To Make Mayor Reveal His Vacation Plans,

September 22, 2011
NJ, NY governors dined before toll hike announced, Associated Press

September 22, 2011
New York City honchos living outside the five boroughs can’t adequately do their jobs, critics say, New York Daily News

September 21, 2011
Good gov groups split on redistricting as LATFOR comes to Manhattan, The Empire (WNYC)

September 21, 2011
In redistricting battle, pols’ feet held to fire
, Crain’s New York Business

September 21, 2011
Analysis: Taxi Politics Can Hurt the Public, NBC New York

September 21, 2011
Citizens Union proposes half a loaf on redistricting, Capitol Confidential

September 21, 2011
Common Cause shifts stance on legislative redistricting, Albany Times Union

September 20, 2011
Father’s Role in Bank Venture Poses Test for Cuomo, The New York Times

September 14, 2011
The ‘old boys’ lose, New York Post

August 25, 2011
Carib junketeer Marty ‘repays’ favor to hospital, New York Post

August 24, 2011
Dadey on Redistricting Pressure, Capital Tonight on YNN

August 23, 2011
Mayor’s Charity Pipeline, Wall Street Journal

August 19, 2011
Ethics Commission Goes Out of Business, WXXI New York Public Radio

August 11, 2011
Plan Funded at 11th Hour, The Wall Street Journal

August 6, 2011
Veto threat clouds redistricting – Times Union, Albany Times Union

August 5, 2011
Carve up N.Y.? Not this time, New York Daily News

August 4, 2011
NYC program for young men draws praise, questions –, Associated Press

August 4, 2011
Time to end gerrymandering, New York, Albany Times Union

August 3, 2011
Bloomberg’s Machine Politics, Village Voice

July 29, 2011
Let independent panel handle redistricting, Buffalo News

July 28, 2011
Senate and Assembly Lawyering Up for Redistricting, New York Daily News

July 20, 2011
Stringer takes aim to kill sacred cow, Crain’s New York Business

July 12, 2011
Fairness of specials called into question, Legislative Gazette

July 8, 2011
Queens Democratic Party boss lives in northern Virginia, New York Post

July 6, 2011
Goo-goos: Special session for redistricting, Capitol Confidential

July 6, 2011
Cuomo continues to push for an independent redistricting commission,

July 6, 2011
First Couple Show Limits of Law, Wall Street Journal

July 6, 2011
Nozzolio: Time Has Passed For Independent Redistricting, Politics on the Hudson

July 6, 2011
Watchdog Groups Call For Independent Redistricting, Politics on the Hudson

July 6, 2011
Dadey Talks Redistricting, Capital Tonight

July 6, 2011
Goo-Goos To Lawmakers: Get Redistricting Done, Capital Tonight

July 6, 2011
Let The Redistricting Fracas Begin, Capital Tonight

July 6, 2011
Ed Koch, Goo-Goos Call for Special Session on Redistricting, PolitickerNY

July 5, 2011
Post-Election Campaigning: Albany’s New Normal, WNYC Radio

July 4, 2011
New York?s Especially Undemocratic Elections, The New York Times

June 29, 2011
Gov. Cuomo can strike a blow for democracy and against bossism by avoiding rigged special elections, New York Daily News

June 28, 2011
Citizens Union To Cuomo: Don?t Fill Seats In Special, Capital Tonight

June 28, 2011City Council Postpones Budget Vote,

June 28, 2011
Document Drop: Are Special Elections Unjust?, NY Daily News

June 13, 2011
NY legislators race to vote on ethics, same-sex marriage bills, AM New York

June 13, 2011
Five days of crunch time, Albany Times Union

June 9, 2011
New state ethics reform may make investigation harder, say critics, North Country Public Radio

June 7, 2011
Ethics Deal: Legislature Reps Could Veto Probes, Long Island Press

June 7, 2011
Ethics reform, warts and all, Albany Times Union

June 6, 2011
Redistricting reform down to the wire, Legislative Gazette

June 6, 2011
Leaders unveil ethics reform, hope to regain public trust, Legislative Gazette

June 6, 2011
Albany Reform Is a Start, But Seeing is Believing, NBC New York

June 6, 2011
Cuomo, Legislative Leaders Provide More Details on Ethics Agreement, WXXI

June 4, 2011
Redistricting reform campaign refutes claims legislation is not constitutional, Wayne Post

June 3, 2011
Cuomo, lawmakers agree on ethics bill, Albany Times Union

June 3, 2011
Goo-goos give ethics deal the thumbs up, Politics on the Hudson

June 3, 2011
Cuomo and Legislative Leaders Strike Deal on New Ethics Rules, The New York Times

June 3, 2011
Cuomo, legislative leaders announce ethics reform deal, Ithaca Journal

June 2, 2011
Gov. Cuomo, Albany pols nearing deal on sweeping ethics …, New York Post

June 2, 2011
What will New York’s 49th Senate District look like after …, Syracuse Post-Standard

June 1, 2011
An Ethics Deal Nears, Albany Times Union

June 1, 2011
Lawmakers, Cuomo Working Toward Ethics Deal, Politics on the Hudson

June 1, 2011
Goo-Goos Hope To Reignite Redistricting Debate, Capital Tonight

June 1, 2011
Skelos: State Ethics Reform Will Happen This Session,

June 1, 2011
Ethics bill agreement advances, Albany Times Union

May 31, 2011
Redistricting reform would result in fairer representation, Asian NYers say, Legislative Gazette

May 26, 2011
Numbers Can’t Tell You Everything, NBC New York

May 9, 2011
New York City Must Fix Its Pension Mess, NBC New York

May 5, 2011
NY lobbying topped $200M for first time in 2010, Associated Press

April 29, 2011
No sale for Robert Duffy on sales pitch, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

April 25, 2011
NYPD cop nabbed ‘Mr. Fix-It’ nickname for helping motorists avoid court, get tickets thrown out, NY Daily News

April 21, 2011
Hevesi sentence alone won’t do much: activist
, Queens Chronicle

April 7, 2011
Koch: We’ll robocall against our “Enemies of Reform“, Capitol Confidential

April 7, 2011
Koch Vows Robocalls On “Enemies“, Capital Tonight

April 7, 2011
Ed Koch: Dean Skelos Is An Enemy Of Reform; Shelly Silver Must Step Up On Redistricting, New York Daily News

April 7, 2011
Koch Declares Skelos “Enemy of Reform”, WXXI

April 7, 2011
Ed Koch Takes Swipe at State Senate Leader: He’s an ‘Enemy of Reform’, WNYC

April 6, 2011
Redistricting reforms constitutional, group says, Capitol Confidential

April 6, 2011
Groups say governor’s redistricting bill is constitutional, Politics on the Hudson

April 6, 2011
Redistricting Reform Groups Recruit Law Firm For Backup, Capital Tonight

March 30, 2011
Dadey: Don’t Fund LAFTOR In State Budget, Politics on the Hudson

March 27, 2011
Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz keeps three drivers at a combined cost of at least $172,372, New York Post

March 24, 2011
With census numbers released, redistricting battle begins in earnest, The Journal News

March 21, 2011
Some City Council members cutting corners to obtain affordable housing, New York Daily News

March 21, 2011
State senator/attorney pushing a bill to boost pay for medical malpractice lawyers, New York Post

March 20, 2011
State Sen. Carl Kruger took donations from Nets investors, New York Post

March 18, 2011
Redistricting move squeezes Senate GOP, The Poughkeepsie Journal

March 15, 2011
City Lobbying Commission Holds First Meeting,

March 15, 2011
Drawing the line over pick for panel, Times Union

March 15, 2011
Senate backs redistricting — later, Times Union

March 14, 2011
Critics Call New York Senate Redistricting Bill Inadequate, WNYC

March 11, 2011
Albany’s Hall of Shame: Corruption Ordeal Gets Worse, NBC New York

March 5, 2011
Senate Republicans call changes to prison population count unconstitutional, The Ithaca Journal

February 24, 2011
Governor Cuomo Announces Legislation to Establish Independent Redistricting Comission, The Oneida Daily Dispatch

February 22, 2011
Pledge? What Pledge?`, New York Times

February 18, 2011
The Mayor’s Budget — Fiscal and Political, NBC New York

February 17, 2011
N.Y. pension debate targets double-dippers, crooks, Reuters

February 16, 2011
GLYNN: Scandal is major factor in lawmakers leaving, Niagara Gazette

February 14, 2011
Goo-goos decry legislative ?crime wave?, Capitol Confidential

February 14, 2011
NY lawmakers increasingly dogged by scandal, Wall Street Journal

February 14, 2011
Citizens Union Decries Legislative ?Crime Wave?, Capital Tonight

February 14, 2011
More NY legislators leaving office over ethics concerns, Crain’s

February 14, 2011
Watchdog Group Finds “Wave Of Ethical Misconduct” In Albany,

February 14, 2011
Gov’t Reform Groups Say Study Shows Legislative Crime Wave, WXXI

February 8, 2011
Statistics Condemn NY Education Policies,

February 8, 2011
Indicted City Councilman Seabrook hasn’t introduced legislation since the feds charged him, New York Post

February 7, 2011
Brooklyn Borough Chief Fined for Conflict of Interest,

February 6, 2011
City official who quit amid CityTime scandal made millions as lobbyist, New York Daily News

February 3, 2011
NY1 Online: Councilpedia Discussion On “Inside City Hall”, NY1

February 3, 2011
New service from the civic website Gotham Gazette tracks political cash in city government, New York Daily News

January 28, 2011
Feds grill Councilman Dan Halloran over snow workers’ ‘slowdown’ during Christmas Blizzard, New York Daily News

January 23, 2011
GOP Pushback To Independent Redistricting Plan Begins To Take Hold, City Hall

January 18, 2011
Three Years Delayed, City Lobbying Commission Will Be Appointed, With Complaints Already, City Hall

January 3, 2011
Cuomo’s Costliest Problem: Pensions, NBC New York

January 3, 2011
Council members skip out on meetings, am New York

January 2, 2011
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signs executive order requiring ethics training, The Troy Record

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