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Good-Government Organization Backs Greenfield as Best Candidate in Council District 44 Race

Citizens Union today announces its support for the election of David Greenfield in Council District 44, where there will be a special election on March 23rd. Greenfield is the strongest in a field of qualified candidates to continue advancing transparent, effective and accountable governance in the City Council. The seat, encompassing the ethnically and religiously diverse communities of Borough Park, Midwood and Bensonhurst in Brooklyn, was previously occupied by Simcha Felder. He left the office to become Deputy Comptroller of Budget and Accounting in Comptroller John Liu’s office.

“The residents of Council District 44 are fortunate to have a competitive special election featuring several candidates with experience in government and a strong record of service to their respective communities,” said Dick Dadey, Citizens Union’s Executive Director. “David Greenfield stands out amongst the qualified candidates for his commitment to further advancing reform of the City Council, and his depth of knowledge on issues facing the city.”

Citizens Union chose to endorse Greenfield because of his thoughtful insights on reform issues and service to the community. Greenfield has expressed strong support for many of Citizens Union’s positions. If elected, Greenfield has pledged to donate his stipend for chairing a committee to charity. Greenfield’s commitment on reform issues is complemented by his involvement in the district as an Executive Vice President of the Sephardic Community Federation, Counsel for TEACH NYS, as an attorney, and as a former Chief of Staff for an Assemblyman. Greenfield, concerned with the burden increasingly being placed on New York’s middle class, said that he would focus on ways to better serve them by prioritizing job creation, small business development and increased access to city services.

Greenfield’s competitors include Joe Lazar, Jonathan Judge, and Kenneth Rice. Judge, who met with Citizens Union and completed the candidate questionnaire, made innovative suggestions for increased transparency at the Board of Elections and called for member items to be debated before the entire Council. His energy and thoughtfulness make him an appealing candidate. Lazar is a well-qualified candidate with many admirable years of experience in the city Comptroller’s office, the Department of Buildings, and as Regional Director for the state’s Department of Mental Health. Unfortunately, Lazar was unable to complete the questionnaire or schedule a meeting with Citizen Union within our timeframe.

Citizens Union invited candidates running in the March 24th special election to complete its candidate questionnaire and interview with members of its Local Candidates Committee. The Committee, consisting of members of Citizens Union and of the organization’s Board, weighs responses from candidates running for city and state offices to questions covering a broad range of issues ranging from transparency around member item funds to proposals increasing parental and community input into Department of Education decision-making.

For more than a century, Citizens Union has served as a watchdog for the public interest and an advocate for the common good. Over the years, it has successfully advanced a broad platform of reform to open up government, ensure government accountability, encourage citizen involvement, and provide for clean and honest elections. As part of its nonpartisan work, it takes seriously its responsibility to inform and serve the citizens of New York City which is why Citizens Union has evaluated and preferred candidates for elected office since 1910.

To allow citizens to familiarize themselves with the candidates’ positions, their responses to Citizens Union’s candidate questionnaire are posted on the Citizens Union website.


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