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New York, N.Y. (December 1, 2020)— Citizens Union, New York’s preeminent good government group, issues the following statement from Executive Director Betsy Gotbaum in response to calls to suspend the implementation of Ranked Choice Voting:

“Last fall, over 73 percent of New York City voters voted to approve Ranked Choice Voting. This reform will foster more positive, issue-focused campaigns, give voters more choice, ensure that elected officials are accountable to a broader spectrum of their constituents and avoid costly, time consuming and unnecessary runoff elections.”

“Groups historically underrepresented in elected office, including women and people of color, have better electoral outcomes under Ranked Choice Voting. A 2020 study by RepresentWomen found that 46% of all Mayors and 49% of all city council seats decided by Ranked Choice Voting are held by women. A 2019 study from FairVote examining San Francisco, Oakland, San Leandro and Berkeley – four racially diverse cities in the Bay Area -– shows that the adoption of Ranked Choice Voting in those municipalities has led to more people of color winning elections.”

“Next year’s elections will shape our city for a generation. Ranked Choice Voting will ensure that the voices of all of New York City’s diverse communities are heard and, at a time when we are bitterly divided, improve the tone of our politics. To suspend the implementation of a reform that was passed with such overwhelming margins only a year ago would be overturning the will of the voters. That’s wrong.”   

For follow up, please contact Jake Oliver at Anat Gerstein, Inc. at
[email protected] or 347-361-9983

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