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Highlights from Citizens Union’s 2013 Awards Dinner

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 at The Pierre

Honoring Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Faith Gay, Matthew Goldstein, Jay Kriegel and John Sexton


“The value of Citizens Union for our civic dialogue is that we lean neither left nor right toward a more perfect democracy.” – Dick Dadey, Executive Director, Citizens Union and Citizens Union Foundation
“The greatest danger in the land is that thought is dying in our country. We’re becoming a society of sound bites and slogans. It’s no wonder, then, that we split into two camps. We need Citizens Union.” – John Sexton, President of New York University
“We are a small organization with outsized impact” – Peter Sherwin, Chair
“From the very beginning, our administration has been committed to the founding values of Citizens Union: integrity, independence and innovation.” – Mayor Michael Bloomberg
“What the City University of NY does on a daily basis is to train, without compromise, challenge, without compromise and help launch these young people to help this great nation that we’re privileged to live in.” – Matthew Goldstein, Chancellor Emeritus, CUNY
“I’m not done yet and Citizens Union certainly is not done yet. If you look at Washington right now, you know that our grand experiment is still an experiment where the outcome is in doubt. So we’ve never needed Citizens Union and organizations like it more.” – Faith Gay, Partner at Quinn Emanuel
“Citizens Union has been both a beacon and a nudge for my entire life, the epitome of an effective civic watchdog.” – Jay Kriegel, Senior Advisor for Related Companies




Honorees chat before a group photo. Left to right: Honoree John Sexton, presenter Bob Abrams, honoree Faith Gay, honoree Matthew Goldstein, honoree Mayor Michael Bloomberg, guest Mayor David Dinkins, Executive Director Dick Dadey and honoree Jay Kriegel. (Photo by Mike Sheehan)

Honorees and guests take their seats as the program begins. (Photo by Mike Sheehan)

                             The captivated audience. (Photo by Mike Sheehan)


Left to right: Bob Abrams, John Sexton, Matthew Goldstein, Faith Gay, honoree Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Mayor David Dinkins, honoree Jay Kriegel, Chair of CU Peter Sherwin and Executive Director, Dick Dadey.

Photo by Mike Sheehan

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