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Highlights from Citizens Union’s 2010 Awards Dinner

On Thursday, October 28, 2010 at The Pierre, Citizens Union honored four outstanding New Yorkers:

Lisa M. Caputo, Business Leadership Award

Honorable David N. Dinkins, Public Service Award

Dr. Frank J. Macchiarola, Robert F. Wagner, Jr. Award

Randy M. Mastro, Civic Leadership Award

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“New York State’s closed and broken system of government lends itself to bad policies or no policies and fosters the corrupt behavior that has become too often an occurrence in Albany.”-Dick Dadey, Executive Director
“In 2010, we have made historic leaps toward meaningful redistricting reform. Not only do we have record support from legislators, we have secured support from the two main primary candidates for governor to veto any district lines that are not passed by an independent commission.” – Peter Sherwin, Chair
“It’s about doing the right thing; it’s about having the courage of your convictions; and it’s about having principles worth fighting for. That’s what makes this organization so great.” – Randy Mastro
“We must learn to talk civilly to one another about real change.”-Frank Macchiarola
“The challenge for the Citizens Union going forward is to ensure that NYC pursues aggressive policies that benefit the least of our brothers.”- Mayor David Dinkins
“Inclusion is an essential principle in our society and is the centerpiece of the mission of CU. Inclusion is at the heart of good government.”- Lisa Caputo



Photo credits Julienne Shaer

Honoree Mayor David Dinkins and wife Joyce (Photo by Julienne Schaer)

Priscilla Newman, honoree Lisa Caputo and CU Development Director Bethany Wall (Photo by Julienne Schaer)


Honoree Frank Macchiarola with wife Mary and dinner guests (Photo by Julienne Schaer)

CU chair Peter Sherwin, Executive Director Dick Dadey, honoree Randy Mastro and Mayor Rudy Giuliani (Photo by Julienne Schaer)

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