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2007 Awards Dinner Highlights

“Why do we care about good government? We care not just because good government is inherently the right thing; we care because good government encourages people to participate in the political process and participation in the political process by more of our citizens is critical to a healthy democracy.” — Richard J. Davis, Chair, CU and CUF
“This year working with Citizens Union we enacted groundbreaking pay to play campaign finance reform laws… I’ve always believed that we deserve a government that is accountable, ethical, transparent and even-handed and that is why the Citizens Union was founded all those years ago and why they are still here today.” — Mayor Michael Bloomberg
“Incumbency retention in the New York State Legislature is 97% . That means that 97% of the time an incumbent runs for relection he or she is reelected. Citizens Union will be launching a crusade to end partisan gerrymandering… We have got to end the self dealing in drawing legislative districts by creating a nonpartisan redistricting commission to draw those lines… ” — Robert Abrams, President, CUF


On Tuesday, October 23rd, Citizens Union held its 2007 Awards Dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria. Mayor Bloomberg, City Council Speaker Quinn, former state Attorney General and Citizens Union Foundation President Robert Abrams along with other elected officials, business leaders Don Marron, Cathleen Black, and George Kaufman, and numerous other civic leaders joined the boards of Citizens Union and Citizens Union Foundation to honor four great New York City leaders.


Alexandra Lebenthal received the Business Leadership Award for her extraordinary leadership in building a thriving business climate, and making New York City a better place to live and work.
Diana L. Taylor was presented with the Civic Leadership Award for her countless contributions and exemplary leadership in building a vibrant civic life in the City of New York.
Patricia M. Hynes & Roy L. Reardon were honored with the Robert F. Wagner Jr. Award for their exemplary leadership and service to all New Yorkers ensuring legal services for New Yorkers in need, greater accessibility of the courts and much more.
Honorary Chairs:
Richard Kahan, George S. Kaufman, Ogden N. Lewis, Catie and Don Marron, Hon. George Pataki, Elizabeth F. Stribling, and Hon. Peter F. Vallone, Sr.
Dinner Chairs:
Robert Abrams, Richard I. Beattie, Cathleen P. Black, Judi Rappoport Blitzer, Andrew Blum, John Cahill, Robert B. Catell, Pamela Rogers Chepiga, Jay Diamond, Christina R. Davis, Richard J. Davis, Barry H. Garfinkel, Gail H. Hilson, Marianna Koval, James Lebenthal, Alan Levine, Ellen Levine, Judith A. Livingston, Gena Lovett, Grace Lyu-Volckhausen, Robert J. McGuire, Hon. E. Leo Milonas, Thomas A. Moore, Sara E. Moss, Gary Naftalis, and Peter J.W. Sherwin.

CU extends its thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of the 2007 Citizens Union Awards Dinner for their generous support and for helping to advance good government reforms.

Photo credit Julienne Shaer

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