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On Tuesday, September 12, New Yorkers registered with a political party will vote in the primary election to select party candidates for New York City Mayor and Public Advocate, as well as New York City Council, candidates for Brooklyn District Attorney, and Bronx Borough President. To help our supportive Citizens Union members prepare to vote in the upcoming primary election, we bring you our 2017 Primary Election Voters Directory. The Voters Directory provides:

  • An overview of the 2017 elections, including voting and registration information and listings of every contest for all races that will be on the ballot in New York City on September 12, 2017.
  • A roster of Citizens Union’s preferred candidates in several key districts, and information about the rigorous evaluation process and assessments of candidates.

We caution voters that there may be last minute elimination or reinstatement of candidates on the ballot, so the list contained in this directory may have changed since this document was printed. Please also note that this directory does not contain candidates for District Leader, Delegate to Judicial Convention, or County Committee. To obtain this information, visit NYC Board of Elections or call (866) VOTE-NYC.


This Voters Directory would not be possible without the hard work of members of the Citizens Union Board, Local Candidates Committee (LCC), staff and our summer interns. 34 volunteer LCC members, 6 interns, and 4 staff members formed nonpartisan interview teams and evaluated 51 candidates in 17 races for New York City Council and Brooklyn District Attorney. We thank them for contributing their time, energy, expertise and commitment this summer to interviewing and evaluating candidates. We thank you for your support and hope you enjoy the latest edition of the Voters Directory.

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