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Since 1910, Citizens Union has evaluated candidates for office in New York City and published a Voters Directory that provides useful and important information to New Yorkers about candidates’ positions on city and statewide issues. With an ongoing desire to ensure that democracy works for all New Yorkers, Citizens Union in 2021 is once again evaluating candidates for municipal races in New York City, and issuing its preferences and endorsements.

If you wish to be considered by Citizens Union for our designation of “Preferred Candidate” for the Primary Election or “Endorsed Candidate” for the General Election, you must complete the following questionnaire and be interviewed by our Local Candidates Committee. Submitting the questionnaire is a prerequisite for an interview. Interviews are prerequisites for Citizens Union endorsements and preferences.

The questionnaires cover Citizens Union’s reform agenda on issues like elections and voting, police accountability, campaign finance, ethics in government, and the powers and responsibilities of the specific position. Some questions are supplemented with short notes that add context and background on policy issues. You are welcome to expand on your answers in the appropriate text boxes. We also welcome any additional information such as a résumé, campaign brochure, or issue statements.

If you cannot complete it in one sitting, you can click Save and Continue Later at the bottom of every page.

Clicking the following links will redirect you to an online form: 

Citizens Union 2021 Candidate Questionnaire – New York City Council Member (GENERAL ELECTION)

Citizens Union 2021 Candidate Questionnaire – Borough President (GENERAL ELECTION)

Citizens Union 2021 Candidate Questionnaire – Comptroller (GENERAL ELECTION)

Citizens Union 2021 Candidate Questionnaire – New York City Mayor (GENERAL ELECTION)

Citizens Union 2021 Candidate Questionnaire – New York City Council Member (Primary)

Citizens Union 2021 Candidate Questionnaire – New York City Mayor (primary)

Citizens Union 2021 Candidate Questionnaire – New York City Comptroller (Primary)

Citizens Union 2021 Candidate Questionnaire – Borough President (primary)

Citizens Union 2021 Candidate Questionnaire – Manhattan District Attorney (primary)

Please see our candidate evaluation principles and criteria for more information about the process. 


Common questions

How do you decide your support for a candidate?

Support for Citizens Union’s reform agenda is the primary criteria used in deciding our support for a candidate. Incumbent elected officials are also evaluated on how well they fulfilled the promises and commitments made during their last election. Candidates who are not holding a public office are also evaluated on their ability to be effective city public officials, and the viability of their candidacy. See more in our candidate evaluation principles and criteria.

What happens after I submit my questionnaire?

Once you submit the questionnaire, you will receive a confirmation email with a PDF file containing your responses. Citizens Union will not be able to see your answers unless you submit the form.

Your responses to the candidate questionnaire will be included in our annual Voters Directory and made available on our website. Returning the questionnaire will allow us to inform New Yorkers about your positions on key issues affecting the city.  

To indicate your willingness to be interviewed, please mark the appropriate box on the questionnaire.  We will not automatically schedule an interview with you if you return this questionnaire, as we prioritize those races that are most competitive and relevant to our reform agenda, and resources constrain us from evaluating all races. Please contact us if you wish to be interviewed. CU reserves the right to evaluate races at the organization’s discretion.

Candidates will be interviewed by assigned members of the CU Local Candidates Committee (LCC). Generally, there will be at least three interviewing LCC members and a CU staff member present during the interview. Candidate interviews will last approximately thirty minutes. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all interviews will be held via Zoom.

Levels of support for candidates

Citizens Union’s terminology for expressing its support for a candidate shall be to “prefer” a supported candidate in a party primary election, and to “endorse” a supported candidate in a general election. To encourage voters to participate in the new Ranked Choice Voting system during the June primary, CU might also recommend voters to “consider” other candidates to be ranked after the preferred candidate.

It is recognized that not all races will provide a clear-cut example of one candidate more closely aligned with CU’s agenda. In such instances, a finding of “No Preference” or “No Endorsement” may be issued. Likewise, a “Dual Preference” designation may be offered to
two qualified candidates, but not a “Dual Endorsement” (in the General Election). A “Dual Preference” shall be used only as a last resort, and, in the case of such determination, CU shall explain its reasoning in its Voters Directory.

Can I get a copy of the full questionnaire before starting to fill it out?

Yes. Please email [email protected] for a PDF format of the questionnaire. 

Can I see who you supported in the past?

Yes. You can see previous Voter Directories here. Beginning in 1910 and continuing today, Citizens Union has published a Voters Directory before every election. The Directory remains CU’s unique contribution to the voting public and has always been based on the premise that democracy depends on an informed electorate. Throughout the century, a major portion of the time and energy of CU’s volunteers and staff is devoted to making sure that the Voters Directory has been fair and non-partisan.

Over the years, we have supported and endorsed hundreds of candidates for office. We provide all candidates with the opportunity to present their case to our members, and conduct an open process that evaluates their policy plans and vision for the office, and is not beholden to any party power structure. 

How can I contact you?

Due to current remote work conditions, the best way to contact us is by emailing [email protected] 

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