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Welcome to the online Citizens Union 2012 Primary Election Voters Directory.  This page contains information regarding each of the 19 races that were evaluated by Citizens Union, which can be accessed through the links for each district below.  Each district’s page contains:

  • individual summaries of candidates who were interviewed by Citizens Union;
  • the rationale for Citizens Union’s preference for a particular candidate (please note that Citizens Union issues a “Preference” for the Primary Election, and an “Endorsement” only in the General Election);
  • candidates’ detailed questionnaire responses;
  • links to campaign finances filings and other candidate information; and
  • links to district maps.

Please also see the print version of the 2012 Primary Election Voters Directory and Citizens Union’s press release regarding our 2012 Primary Election preferences.  Excerpts from the print directory are available below.

All questionnaires submitted to Citizens Union for contested primary elections are available; please note, however, that due to limited capacity, Citizens Union is not able to evaluate every race taking place in New York City.

Our past preference and endorsement decisions are also available.




Manhattan Democratic Primary – Surrogate Judge

Barbara Jaffe preferred over Rita Mella



 Find your district and polling place

Incumbents are marked with an asterisk (*)


Bronx Democratic PrimariesAssembly

Assembly District 80Mark Gjonaj preferred over Adam Bermudez, Naomi Rivera* and Irene Rukaj

Assembly District 84Maximino Rivera preferred over Carmen E. Arroyo* and Charles Serrano

Assembly District 87Danny Figueroa preferred over Luis Sepulveda

Brooklyn Democratic Primary – Senate

Senate District 18Jason A. Otano preferred over Martin Malave Dilan


Brooklyn Democratic Primaries – Assembly

Assembly District 42Rodneyse Bichotte preferred over Rhoda Jacobs*

Assembly District 55Anthony Herbert preferred over William Boyland, Jr.*, Nathan Bradley, Roy Antoine, Christopher J. Duroshimi, Anthony Jones and David Miller

Assembly District 57Olanike Alabi preferred over Martine Guerrier and Walter Mosley

Assembly District 60 – No preference between Christopher Banks and Inez Barron

Manhattan Democratic Primaries – Senate

Senate District 27Brad Hoylman preferred over Tom Greco and Tanika Inlaw

Senate District 31Adriano Espaillat* preferred over Guillermo Linares


Manhattan Democratic Primaries – Assembly

Assembly District 72Mayra Linares preferred over Melanie Hidalgo, Gabriela Rosa and Ruben Vargas

Assembly District 74Brian Kavanagh* preferred over Juan Pagan

Queens Democratic Primaries – Senate

Senate District 10James Sanders Jr. preferred over Gian Jones and Shirley Huntley*

Senate District 16 – No preference between John Messer and Toby Ann Stavisky*


Queens Republican Primary – Senate

Senate District 15Eric Ulrich preferred over Juan Reyes


Queens Democratic Primaries – Assembly

Assembly District 25Nily Rozic preferred over Jerry Iannce

Assembly District 40Ron Kim preferred over Ethel Chen, Yeh Chou, Myungsuk Lee and Martha Flores-Vasquez


Queens Republican Primary – Assembly

Assembly District 40 – No preference between Sunny Hahn and Phil Gim

Citizens Union will evaluate Staten Island races in the General Election Voters Directory


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