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Welcome to the online Citizens Union 2012 Online General Election Voters Directory.  This page contains information regarding each of the 14 races that were evaluated by Citizens Union, which can be accessed through the links for each district below.  Each district’s page contains:

  • individual summaries of candidates who were interviewed by Citizens Union;
  • the rationale for Citizens Union’s support for a particular candidate (please note that Citizens Union issues a “Preference” for the Primary Election, and an “Endorsement” only in the General Election);
  • candidates’ detailed questionnaire responses;
  • links to campaign finances filings and other candidate information; and
  • links to district maps.

Please also see the print version of the 2012 General Election Voters Directory and Citizens Union’s press release regarding our 2012 General Election preferences.  See also our separate press release for Senate District 15.  Excerpts from the print directory are available below.

All questionnaires submitted to Citizens Union for contested general elections are available; please note, however, that due to limited capacity, Citizens Union is not able to evaluate every race taking place in New York City.

Our past preference and endorsement decisions are also available.



 Find your district and polling place

Incumbents are marked with an asterisk (*)

Bronx State Assembly Race

Assembly District 81Jeffrey Dinowitz* endorsed over Judith Kunz


Bronx City Council Race

Councilmanic District 12**No endorsement between Andy King, Joseph Nwachukwu, Cheryl Simmons-Oliver, Michael Welch, Pamela A. Johnson, Garth Marchant, Nevile Mitchel

**Note that for City Council District 12, this is a Special Election to fill the remainder of the term, which will complete at the end of 2013

Brooklyn State Senate Races

Senate District 20Eric Adams* endorsed over Rose Laney

Senate District 22Martin J. Golden* endorsed over Andrew Gounardes

Manhattan State Assembly Races

Assembly District 65No endorsement between Wave Chan and Sheldon Silver*

Assembly District 76No endorsement between Micah Kellner* and Michael Zumbluskas

Queens State Senate Races

Senate District 11Tony Avella* endorsed over Joseph Concannon

Senate District 15Joseph Addabbo* endorsed over Eric Ulrich

Senate District 16No endorsement between Toby Ann Stavinsky* and J.D. Kim


Queens State Assembly Races

Assembly District 25Nily Rozic endorsed over Abraham Fuchs, William N. Garifal Jr and Jerry Iannece

Assembly District 40Ron Kim endorsed over Philip Gim

Staten Island State Senate Race

Senate District 23Diane Savino* endorsed over Lisa Grey


Staten Island State Assembly Races

Assembly District 62Joseph Borreli endorsed over Anthony Mascolo

Assembly District 64Nicole Malliotakis* endorsed over John Mancuso

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