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The Citizens Union Local Candidates Committee (LCC) evaluates candidates for elected office in New York City. Working in teams, using questionnaires and face-to-face interviews, committee members solicit candidates’ views on issues that reflect key reforms – proposed or envisioned – designed to improve the effectiveness and transparency of city and state government.  In addition, LCC teams assess candidates’ overall experience as well as their knowledge of district, city, and statewide issues.

Together with staff, LCC team members prepare reports prepared by the Local Candidates Committee, which inform the Citizens Union Board of Directors determination of which candidates will receive our rating of “Preferred” in primary elections and “Endorsed” during the general elections. These ratings, along with the questionnaires and analyses of the candidates are published in our annual Citizens Union Voters Directory which is distributed to our members and made available online to inform a broad public about their candidate choices.

To participate in the Local Candidates Committee, you must be a Citizens Union member in good standing at the $30 level or higher.  For more information or to apply, please email [email protected].

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