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Citizens Union Calls For Reforms To The City’s Lobbying Laws

May 11, 2011 - Reforms would limit disproportionate influence of lobbyists also involved in political campaigns and money raising. Good Government Group urges restrictions on public funds for political candidates connected to lobbyists. Fourteen recommendations to be formally presented at city lobbying commission tonight also include moving oversight and enforcement from the city clerk's office to the campaign finance board.

Citizens Union Issues Recommendations On City Charter Revision Proposals On The Ballot November 2nd

October 27, 2010 - Recommendations on ballot questions are part of historic Good Government Group's 100th anniversary voters directory now available online along with candidate questionnaires. Opposes question #1 reducing the term limits of city elected officials to two terms. Supports a "yes" vote on question #2 requiring disclosure of independent campaign expenditures and easing access to the ballot for candidates.

Citizens Union Reaffirms Its Support For A New York State Campaign Finance Public Matching Fund Program

May 8, 2008 - Historic Good Government Group far prefers a matching program over full financing; urges Governor and State Legislature to pass meaningful campaign finance reform legislation before session ends. Good Government Group believes matching program is best use of public funds because it still allows for voters to participate in democracy by making contributions throughout the course of a campaign.

Group Statement in Support of City Campaign Finance Reform

June 5, 2007 - Proper disclosure, support for small gifts, strong public financing, and rigorous enforcement have been key elements to the success and integrity of the program. We believe these new changes will help lock in all of these elements for years to come.

Campaign Finance Reform

Citizens Union is a leading advocate for campaign finance reform and has long been concerned about the undue influence of…

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