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One of the most advantageous ways to contribute to Citizens Union is via a gift of stock, or other securities, such as bonds or mutual funds. The total value of your gift is tax-deductible provided it has been held for at least one year, and there is no obligation to pay any capital gains tax on the appreciated value. The gift is fully deductible as of the date it arrives in our account.

Physical Delivery
If you hold the security’s paper certificate, you may mail or hand deliver it without any endorsement or assignment to:

Citizens Union Foundation
Attn: Rosa Loza
299 Broadway, Suite 700
New York, NY 10007

In a separate envelope, mail or deliver a signed stock power form for each gift — except for your signature, the stock power form should be blank — and a letter stating your intention to make a gift of the securities to Citizens Union.

You can request a stock power form by calling (212) 227-0342 or emailing Rosa Loza, [email protected]. You can also obtain a stock power form from your bank or broker. Please sign the stock power exactly as your name appears on the stock certificate.

When filing your taxes for the donation year, please note the Citizens Union Foundation tax id number is 13-5549188.

If you prefer to make a C4 stock donation to Citizens Union, send an email to Rosa Loza, [email protected] or call (212) 227-0342.

If you have any questions, call Citizens Union at (212) 227-0342 or send an email to Rosa Loza at [email protected].

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