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★ Preferred Candidate ★

Mathylde Frontus – Dem
Candidate has returned a questionnaire
Age: 40
Occupation: Owner of Avant-Garde Consulting & Avant-Garde Behavioral Health Resources
Education: New York University, B.S.W. and M.S.W.; Harvard Divinity School, M.T.S.; Columbia University, Ph.D.

Mathylde Frontus operates a consulting firm and is an adjunct assistant professor of social work at Columbia and NYU. She has served as a community advocate for nearly 20 years at organizations dedicated to providing legal, employment, housing, and health services in the district. Her top priorities are to create a regional forum for community inclusion and civic engagement, promote transparency in state spending, put more mental health and social workers in schools, and improving affordable housing options. Frontus supports all of Citizens Union’s issues except making mayoral control of city schools permanent. In an interview with Citizens Union, she spoke decisively about the importance of making police disciplinary records publicly available and limiting the outside compensation of state legislators. Citizens Union prefers Mathylde Frontus in this race because of her deep ties to the community and experience providing services in her district, as well as her alignment with good government priorities.

Ethan Lustig-Elgrably – Dem
Candidate has returned a questionnaire
Age: 28
Occupation: Chief of Staff to Council Member Mark Treyger Education: Brandeis University, B.A.

Ethan Lustig-Elgrably served as the Legislative Director and Chief of Staff to City Council Member Mark Treyger for four years after graduating college. His top priorities are to improve mass transit throughout the district, fight to maintain the existing affordable housing stock, fight to increase education funding to public schools, and address environmental and quality-of-life issues. Lustig-Elgrably supports all of Citizens Union’s reform agenda. In particular, he is in favor of establishing public financing of state elections, more transparency in the awarding of government contracts, and increasing voter turnout. Despite his support for reform, Citizens Union does not prefer Lustig-Elgrably because he does not have the depth of knowledge of the district that his opponent has.

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